Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Another sketch

The second week of my online sketching class had an assignment to go out in public and draw.  That day I was traveling by car to Florida.  We had planned to stop somewhere along the way so I could sketch.  However, it poured rain all day.  We spent the night in Meridian, MS.  After supper my sweet hubby took me to the mall so I could draw in public.  This is what I drew with a Micron pen. It was the window display of the Buckles store. It was a really cool display with great draping and shapes.  And the shoes were all strappy and chunky.   And to make it even better, the mannikins were on a palette.

So after I got back from vacation I decided to add color from the photos I took.  Here is the result.

 I love pure contour lines and was hesitant to add the watercolor, but I do like it so much better with he color.  Now I have to decide if I should add some text.  It is very empty at the top of the page.

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