Sunday, September 29, 2013

Altered Book - Do you know what it is?

An altered book is any book that has been transformed by painting, drawing,  gluing, sculpting, cutting, piercing, folding, bending, sewing, etc. into a piece of art.  My Art 3 students create an altered book each year based on the theme of their choice. Sometimes there themes are personal like a trip they have taken, family holidays, dreams, bucket lists.  Some others choose subjects like historical events, countries, cultures, social issues,  a play on words, or musical themes.  I assign different lessons for each two page layout which include concepts, techniques or new materials.  I have never created a book myself, so my students have challenged me to complete one this year. Here is my first entry.  The first assignment was to give a visual explanation of the chosen theme and include a quote.  My theme is about my recent trip to Turkey and Greece.