Sunday, February 12, 2017


I love scratchboard.  It is a wonderful surface for those of us who like to draw. It forces me to study my subject and creates beautiful contrasts.  This is a piece I created for my son and his family of their much loved pet and hunting dog that passed away recently.  As I was scratching and creating the different kinds of fur around Tex's face, in my mind I could actually feel him. The fur on his neck was wavy and soft.  His muzzle was bristly and his ears were like velvet.  I loved this dog too. He was a sweet and gentle soul who loved his family and had a passion for hunting and running through fields.  My son took Tex out one last time a week before he died.  Tex was so excited  to be out in the fields and tried so hard to run and do what hunting dogs do, but his old tired body just would't cooperate.   There was a lot of love between my boy and his dog.