Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Sketch Challenge!

I am posting some sketches that I have made the last few weeks.  I am challenging my students and myself to make sketches every day this summer.  I am posting some here to inspire and motivate them to keep working.  I hope that some of the rest of you will also take the challenge.  Draw something every day. It can be small or large, serious or silly, from life or just a doodle, color or black and white.  Use pencils or paint or fingernail polish or ketchup - anything - just get some images on a surface.  Some of mine were very quick. Some were in meetings (even in church.) A few were drawn over several days, investing about 15 minutes a day until it was complete.  I also have been playing with my very wee watercolor set that I will take on my travels this summer.  (Judi, thank you for teaching me the little "wee" word.  I love it. So Scottish.) Also, here is an artist blog from two years ago. This lady traveled by car across the Great Plains and painted in the car as she traveled.  (No, she wasn't driving! Her friend was.)

I want to do that.  I'm not sure if I could paint in the car, but I would sure like to try.  Anybody want to drive???

If any of you make sketches and want me to post them, email them to me at 
I hope my grandchildren will join in the challenge and send me photos.  They love to draw and paint as much as I do!