Saturday, July 2, 2016

Lesson 4 in Sketchbook Skool with Jane LaFazio

This one was a little outside my comfort zone but I just went with it as quickly as I could.  Jane said not to overthink it, so I had no plan. We were to create a 9 square grid and add some veggies or natural objects in the grid without making it just 9 squares of "stuff."  We could overlap squares etc.  I went to the market and bought some random veggies with no plan in mind, just wanting interesting contours and colors. I took photos of the veggies in front of the window and noticed there was some blue reflection from the sky outside.  I wanted a background of some sort so I used a blue wash with acrylic paint before I started the grid.  I kept saying in my head, "Don't overthink this!"  So I tried to be random.  After I completed the 2 peppers and the onions, I was sort of stuck.  I needed some other pieces of something, but I really didn't want to introduce another veggie, so I cut up the pepper. (Side note:  I did not know it was a habenaro!!!  Got in on my hands, rubbed my lips and must have touched my nose.  Yikes!!  I suffered for a while.)  So the whole thing evolved into something HOT and became hot like the 4th of July. I wanted some confetti or something Salsa-like and thought about splattering, but decided to repeat the seed shapes and added pieces of green onions.  Some to fhb squirrely lines were done to cover up some background stuff I didn't like.  I am pleased with the way it happened - without a plan in the beginning.  That is so hard for me. And it was fun.  I will do another one.
Watercolor, Acrylic, and Micron pen

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