Monday, February 3, 2014

More Watercolor

I start each of these little watercolors with the intention of "sketching."   But it doesn't look like sketching.  I need to work more spontaneously. Anyway, here is a little painting made from a photo I took on Île d'Yeu off of the western coast of France.  This was a little beach on the south side of the island called  Plage de la Pointe des Corbeaux.  I know someone (JB) reading this is impressed that I know the name of this beach! (I found it on Google.) This area of the island has these unique little cabana type buildings and boats with wheels on the back, so it was pretty easy to find once I Googled images for Île d'Yeu. This is a very interesting little island with monolithic and neolithic relics/stone structures. I love this island.  I could write several entries about the food and the pots of cream and the hydrangeas.

5.75" x 6"

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