Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Arles, France
8" x 10" 

It has poured most of the day today so I painted. It was so dark outside I even ran to Walmart for additional lighting for my painting area. (Wish I could say painting studio.) This is Arles, France across from one of Van Gogh's hospitals. I think this was where he was taken after he cut his ear off, after he chased Gauguin (his roommate) through the streets with a razor and after he sent the ear to a prostitute. The hospital behind the iron fence was nondescript, but this little provincial house with the blue shutters was a jewel in the sunlight. The line down the middle of the street was actually a small drain that many of the streets there seemed to have. Arles was a beautiful little town with lots of flowers, blue shutters, sidewalk cafes, and Roman ruins dating back to the first century.
And now that I am finished painting for the day the sun has come out.

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