Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Last Painting of the Summer

8" x 10" on gessoed panel

This is the last one for the summer. I go back to work tomorrow. I did this quick little painting of one of my favorite chairs. It is worn out from many years of sitting, reading, napping, having conversations with my family,having long conversations with God, and from watching many pool games when it sat in the game room. It, and it's companion chair, need to be reupholstered. It is a much loved chair that still feels good when it wraps its "wings" around you.


  1. I like the sentiment behind this. Interiors look so tough to do. Was this one hard doing the check pattern?

  2. Not too hard. I gave it some thought before I started. I did not want it to be precise and measured looking. I just followed the contours of the chair and tried to change the value of the color when it was needed.

  3. My all time favorite painting of yours. I love a chair with a story. :)