Friday, April 9, 2010

Paintings from Italy



I visited the Cinque Terre area of Italy twice because I loved it so much. This is a rugged area on the northern coast of Italy noted for its beauty and its isolation. The only way to reach these 5 villages is by train, boat, or trails. You cannot drive a car into these towns. Vineyards cascade down the jagged cliffs to the sea. The wine there is the best that I have ever had. You can actually walk the trails from the first village to the last, a distance of 10 mile. We walked from the first (Romaggiorre) to the third (Corniglia). The trail after that got pretty primitive and rugged so we turned back and caught the rickey old train to the last two villages. The villages are beautiful and colorful with stucco buildings stacked haphazardly on top of each other, winding alleys, balconies and beautiful flowers. The fragrance in this area is unworldly - a combination of figs, olives, flowers, and sea. The narrow streets are lined with colorful fishing boats. These are some of the paintings that I have created from my photos and those of my son. It is my dream to go and stay in one of those small stucco homes and paint in the Italian sunshine.

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